matt lyon: abstract psychedelia infused vector art

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i couldn’t have a blog about colour and not mention matt lyon! (otherwise known as c86). i’ve been a fan for many years and never fail to be wowed by what he creates. he has such a fantastic eye for colour and colour combinations, and i love the textural element in his works too, makes them all the more impressive and somehow more tangible. the actual shapes he uses are for the most part quite simple, but the way that he combines everything to make mini psychedelic inspired worlds, landscapes, etc is nothing short of amazing to me. if you like the works of artists such as kandinsky and klee you will most definitely love matts colour masterpieces!

Design for Microsoft Artist Series – 2012

Parascape – 2012

Façade – 2011

you can also find him on twitter and flickr.

– laura.


are you present? do you want some super stationery? correct!

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as much as i love huge bursts of colour, i also love it restrained, simple and elegant. for a while now i have admired (or to be honest, been totally obsessed with) the shop present and correct. i love their eye for simplicity, vintage items, geometry and general awesomeness. and the way the products are photographed is a pleasure for the eyes. i’ve always been a stationery geek and have an ever growing collection of pens, name it! they also have a prints and ephemera sections if you’re on the hunt for some bits and bobs to decorate your home! if i had the money i could easily spend a fortune there. i genuinely want EVERYTHING! i mean, come on, look at this lovely stuff!

bon bon birthday card – available here

kaleidograph cards – available here

patterned planners – available here

– laura.

the candy-like creations of ginette lapalme

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on sunday i was feeling a bit down, and needed to look at some happy, colourful work ..then i remembered about ginette lapalme (whose name, by the way, is super satisfying to say) who i’d discovered through a post of design for mankind a couple of years ago. so, if you’re feeling a bit blue, look at these awesome hues! and as an added bonus, she also has a shop where you can buy some fantastic brooches and other goodies.

diamond brooches which you can buy on her etsy (also, i NEED that dish in my life)

also, don’t forget you can add colourfolk on facebook! (and maybe soon on pinterest)

– laura.

oh, eleanor

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oh, let me count the ways that i absolutely adore the work of eleanor davies! it is divine to my eyes and mind! isn’t it just beautiful?

i love the details here and there, especially in the floral bits, but she also keeps most of the form in the images simple and maintains a perfect balance between the two. some of her work reminds me of betsy walton who i recently featured in the wonderful world of betsy walton. these are the kind of images that make me feel happy inside. what art/illustration makes you feel that way?

you can also follow eleanor on twitter and buy her work on littlehousecomics.

spring again – for The New York Times – watercolor and gouache on paper

decorator – ink and digital

94th trimester – gouache on paper


lynnie zulu; bursting with energy

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if you want a colour/awesome overdose, look at the work of lynnie zulu! when i look at her work i feel a huge burst of energy and inspiration, it makes me want to get up and dance and make things. a perfect antidote in this rainy and dull weather!

i love her bold graphic style, often with strong outlines and fantastic colour combinations. her work would, and does look amazing on all sorts of products ..talking of which, she has recently joined ohh deer and you can peruse and buy her products here. i particularly LOVE this cushion, isn’t it fantastic? :

here’s a couple more pieces (i found it near impossible to choose just 2):

you can also find her on twitter!

– laura.

welcome to doodle mountain with marie gosselin

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i just came across a post on doodlers anonymous, all of about 5 minutes ago, and i just had to share these! this is some of the delightful work of marie gosselin. i love the somewhat scribbly naive style, and clearly i love the colours she uses. once again, it’s nice that not all her images are totally infused with colour, and they often use colour to highlight certain areas rather than cover the whole piece (not that i don’t like that either!) i think the medium of colour pencil really adds to the feel of her work and transports me into a quirky and fun little wonderland that i would love to go and play in. this sort of style really appeals to me and is the sort of thing i would love to see on dresses and skirts, they would make such wonderful unique pieces.

little conquerors




the wonderful world of betsey walton

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for my inaugural (non-self) post, i would like to share the work of betsey walton. i have been a fan of her work for many years, and i was first drawn by her sense of colour and the style in which she creates. i love that a lot of her works have muted backgrounds or are largely muted, and there’s a shock of colour which, to me, really makes her work stand out. also, you may come to learn that i love nature in all its forms, so seeing betseys’ wonderful take on this really makes my heart sing.

Interior Spring<br />February 2010, Sold. 8x10, acrylic gouache on panel
Interior Spring – February 2010, Sold. 8×10, acrylic gouache on panel

Paradise - September 2008, 12x16, gouache on panel
Paradise – September 2008, 12×16, gouache on panel

5 – February 2009, 12×12, acrylic gouache on panel

you can find her on flickr, and her website

enter the void.

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my name is laura redburn, and i’m a collage artist who is OBSESSED with colour. i had written a long-ish post about all of this but i accidentally lost it and i’m a bit too annoyed to try and remember what i had typed. (note to self – next time write it out and save it before typing it straight in here)

but the gist of it was this. i know that there are so many blogs out there dedicated to colour, art and illustration, but i wanted to share my own tastes. simple as that really! i will post illustration, photography, art, design and fashion (with credits of course) with colour schemes i like, am inspired by and think other people would like. i also have a submit section here where you can submit work if you feel it is fitting.

i may also post some of my own work ( from time to time.

and to continue with that thought, here is some of my work. you can also purchase it, as well as iphone cases, tshirts, tote bags and more at my society6.


‘you’re doing it wrong’ – mixed media collage – prints etc here


‘i walk out in the flowers and feel better’ – handcut collage – prints etc here


‘the truest thing we’d ever known’ – handcut collage – prints etc here

any comments or suggestions, get in touch!


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